World chef

Best Cooking games – Cooking fever alternatives

If you’ve played Cooking fever you will know that cooking games can be quite fun and addictive. They give you the rush of completing orders in a given time and also the soothing experience of cooking various items right in your phone.

Even if you haven’t played Cooking fever yet these will be a really fun to play. Here we have listed and talked about 5 of the Best cooking games currently online in 2019.

Let’s each one now.

World Chef: Best Cooking games

World chef

This gives you an international experience of Cooking. It has dishes from over 20 different countries around the world. You get to make so many of these. You will have to manage your own restaurant. This will provide you a somewhat initial experience of how it feels running a restaurant.

It includes servers, chefs and VIP guests. You play in a competitive environment with in-app purchases. It’s not necessary to buy anything in this game but you can still progress much faster and easier if you do so.

It can run on any phone with Android 4.0.3 and above.

Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

Restaurant dash with gordan ramsay

You must have heard about the Eccentric and very irritable chef Gordon Ramsay. This game resolves around his personality and managing a restaurant. You get to eventually expand your empire around the world. More restuarants equals more fun to play.

Cooking mama let’s cook!

Cooking mama let's cook

This game gives you a whole another touch to the cooking games. You get to catch your own fish, harvest your own vegetables and run your own restaurant. This makes it one hell of an immersive game. It’s made for both kids and adults. You can make stew, bake cakes and a whole lot more with this game.

It includes ads, in-game purchases etc. But still free to download.

Cooking adventure: Best cooking games

Cooking Adventures

This is one hell of a game with the same concept as the others but a very great implementation of it. You get to make a variety of food items, run and buy your appliances. There are frequent upgrades in this game. this will tempt you to start doing in-app purchases very early in the game.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

good pizza, Great pizza

This game is entirely focused on various different kinds of pizza. It includes custom made pizza to many popular kinds of it too.
The developer who made this game has actually cooking experience of 4 years in a pizza kitchen. The gameplay is challenging so don’t expect to progress immediately.