Why do we need the Tool?

Okay, I don’t why but some of you came to me with the question as to why even we need a hack tool for the game.

It’s completely up to you. You can continue playing the game as it is. Work hard on every level and still end up spending a lot of your money to buy things. Any significant progress in this game will need a lot of money to be invest by you. Not everyone is a big fan of spending so much on a game. This amazing tool is for exactly those of you. If you think your money can serve you better elsewhere you are welcome to use our tool. Read more to know more benefits of this.

Let me break down the reasons to use the Cooking fever hack for you. The Cooking simulator game which lets you manage a variety of restaurants. Also, take orders from customers has an in-game currency in it. Now, what use is that currency? To upgrade the things in your restaurants. What do these upgrades do?

There are many things achieved by these upgrades in Cooking fever. firstly it lets you progress more in the game by increasing customer wait time. increasing tips and prices for items and also upgrade types of equipment means faster order delivery. So, yeah basically makes the game hell of smoother for you.

Need for a Hack tool

As you’ll progress in the game you’ll come to appreciate the importance of gems and coins in the game. you may get some coins by some offers. But soon you realize that it ain’t enough. The game is designed in such a way that you need to pay real money after a certain point to keep enjoying peaceful gameplay.

The next thing is why do you need for a game. I mean it’s virtual doesn’t actually provide you with anything other than a way out of your miserable life lol. Just think about it, you can have all the fun in Cooking fever by just using the Cooking fever hack I developed here. This will let you enjoy the game to its full potential without even pay a single dollar to the company.

So, next time you feel to upgrade your kitchen or get some upgrades just access my Cooking fever hack generator to get yourself some easy coins and gems hacked in your game profile.

Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends and other gamers you know. This is a great generator and sharing is caring.

How to use the Tool

Okay, So you’ve taken the decision to use our Cooking fever hack tool. A good decision you have taken. I’ve put in months of hard work to make this generator possible. So please also share it with your friends and family. Below are the steps on how to efficiently use this generator to get free gems and coins in cooking fever.

  1. Type in your Username in the space provided.
  2. This will let us know your account. So we send the gems to the right account and not somebody else. Well, you want them gems now do you?
  3. Choose your device type.
  4. It’s important because of the different updates in both the Android and iOS versions of the game.
  5. Turn the Proxy service on.
  6. This step though not compulsory┬ábut it’s a precautionary measure which prevents any hack detection by the Cooking fever servers. This prevents any chance of bans.
  7. Click Connect.
  8. This will Connect your Cooking fever account to my Cooking fever hack tool.
  9. Choose the number of gems and Coins you need.

You can choose any from the given list. The no.s are predefined because we don’t want the servers to know that you’re actually doing a cooking fever hack.

  • Start the generator.

Now just sit back and relax the generator will take care of all the hard work.

How does it work

This tool uses a backdoor exploitation policy that helps it working it’s way around the server security. This gives you free gems and coins whenever you need it. The best thing about this is you can use it as many times you want to.

After this, the only thing needed will be human verification. This is so that you can use the Cooking fever hack tool and the bots cannot.

If you are thinking of getting a Cooking fever hack APK, I would like to tell you that the hack APK cause more harm than good as they can get you banned or even cause your mobile to crash. Most APK out there doesn’t work at all. A few of them which might work will have to restart the game. You will lose all your progress doing this and have to start afresh.

This game works on a server so if any apk works that will make you play on a different server. Most probably everyone would be hacking there. So, that’s a bummer.

Don’t go for the Cooking fever hack APK. Instead, use the Cooking fever hack.