About the Game – Cooking fever

Cooking fever is a wildly popular Cooking simulation game developed by Nordcurrent. The game offers an addictive cooking experience where you get to make a variety of dishes under different restaurants. The key strategy in this game is time management. Various objects in your restaurant offer various boosts. These include customer waiting time, tip amount, etc.

The Cooking simulation game offers two kinds of in-game currency. One is Coins and the other is gems. Coins are easier to obtain basically they are provided at the end of each level you clear. Gems, on the other hand, are a bit rare and are only provided in the game on rare occasions. But you can always buy more of both by using real money.[ Don’t wanna do that? Click on the hack generator above and get yourself some free gems and coins]

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Things to remember

There are various dishes in cooking fever under each restaurant and the order gets complex after each level.be sure you keep upgrading your appliances and your restaurants interior. Upgrading the food items will result in larger profits on each item sold. Upgrading on appliances will mean faster cooking time. Time is important because of two reasons in this game. Firstly if you don’t complete order in time the customer lefts. Secondly, the faster you finish the order the larger will be the tip.

Cooking fever offers 200 ingredients for making more than 500 dishes. These are spread over 20 unique locations including sunset waffles, Smokey BBQ chicken, Hell’s kitchen, fast food pizza ice cream etc. All locations combined we have a total of 900 levels to complete. All this with 100+ upgrades for your cooking appliance and interior.

Here’s a detailed review of the game by consumers.

Some tips on Cooking fever

Cooking fever is for almost all ages. No violence is involved in the game but only you have to quick tasks to complete orders. When you delay the order the customers are visibly frustrated and will leave after a while. But that’s the worst of it. It’s just a simple game where you will find yourself addicted to the game. The order will take more time if your instruments are outdated. By instruments i mean cooking appliances.

Cooking appliances include the pan, soda machine, etc. After leveling up a bit in a restaurant, you’ll be given an automatic machine that does most of the work and makes things incredibly easier to do. Like in the first level you are given an automatic machine that dispenses burger patty fried and also the sausage for the hotdog. That is a blessing in itself and you’ll see how it just changes your game experience. The most irritating about the game is the burning of things on the pan. The automatic machine takes care of that for you.


Another good thing is the food warmer that will keep your food warm in the game though after a certain time in the game it with the automatics it’ll just become obsolete. But always keep upgrading things so that you can cook faster and hence serve faster. After that’s all the game about. The fever of cooking!