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Cooking Fever Hack 2019 Free gems and coins [100% free and working]

Finally, it’s here! The hack tool for one of the most addictive games. The Cooking fever hack, providing you with all the free gems and coins you need to upgrade your kitchen and interior. This tool will help you ease your progress through the game so you can enjoy it to its full potential without having to spend your valuable money on buying gems and gold.

The Cooking Fever Hack: Why I made it?

I’m a coder by profession and after playing this game for so many hours I just have to make a hack tool for this. So I and my friends decided to do it and made this. We made it for personal use only in the beginning but now I have decided to make it public so everyone can enjoy the game to its maximum. 

The Cooking Fever Hack: Is it safe?

This tool is 100% tested and verified. It runs on 256-bit code encryption and uses dedicated proxy servers to change your in-game currency value. This tool has no interaction with your smartphone so you don’t need to worry about any virus or malware as this tool directly connects with the server of the game.

Cooking fever hack

Why do you need this hack tool?

In Cooking Fever many upgrades require a whole lot of gems and gold which after a certain point had to be bought with real money or else you won’t be able to enjoy the game to the fullest. I believe that it should not be necessary to pay in order to enjoy the game. You can also use other third-party apps that will provide you with free gems and coins in exchange of playing other games but it comes with a risk of bloatware and malware ready to infect your device. Also, the game doesn’t come with any cooking fever cheats. So for that matter, I have developed the Cooking fever hack. This will help you get them Cooking fever hack gems.

How to use this Hack tool?

  1. Click on the button below to enter the generator console.
  2. Enter your username and choose the device name from the list.
  3. *Optional: Keep the proxy on. This is to prevent the banning of accounts.
  4. Hit the run button.
  5. The generator will automatically connect with the game server and update your currency.
  6. To get your free gold and gems just download one of the apps given and run it for 5 mins.

Bingo! Your Resources are Delivered!!

(Note: If for some reason the resources are not updated in your account, try using the generator with some other device. It’s having some issues with a few devices. I’m still working to resolve that.)

hack cooking fever

Cooking Fever: About

It’s the most popular cooking simulation game developed for android and IOS devices. Cooking fever is developed by Nordcurrent, it’s a Lithuanian company that develops and publishes games. This game was first launched in 2014 and in 2015 -16 it also featured Coca-cola products when it tied up with the company, but the deal was off they removed all the Coca-cola products. Even today it has a huge fan base and has more than 100 million downloads on the play store.

In the game, you are a restaurant owner serving customers. As the game progresses the levels get harder with increasingly complicated dishes. And also more orders start to come in. The features a customer wait time during which you have to complete the order. If you complete the order fast enough the customer will also provide you tips.

If you have played the game for a while you would know the power of hacked gems. You can upgrade your kitchen with the gold earned by playing and also diamonds mostly provided only when you complete an experience level or some additional tasks. Apart from the kitchens, you can also upgrade the interior of the kitchen which will not only significantly increase the waiting time of the customer but also increase the amount of tip the customers gives. You can also unlock various other kitchens with gold and gems all with their own dishes.

Cooking fever cheats and secrets

To be honest there aren’t exactly any cheats for this game. But I can still provide you with some tips and tricks for it. But you should know that these can only get you so far. You better use the generator if you want to see instant results. 

Tips and Tricks: Cooking Fever

Cooking fever hack

A lot of you may be searching for Cooking fever hack apk and cooking fever cheats but that’ll just give you problems and may even ban you from the server. Instead, use our generator for free gems.

This game is all about time management and how quick your reflexes can work under pressure. A lot of customers waiting, each with their own specialized order waiting and you have limited time to serve all of them.

The most common problem people have is forgetting the food on the pan and burning it. Another one is making an order wrong then you have to throw it away.

One of the most simplest Cooking fever hacks is to not collect money from the customers until you’re finished with all the current ones at the table.

This will prevent new customers from coming and give you more time to serve the existing ones. Also, keep as much food prepared in advance as possible. Upgrade your kitchen and tabletops for this. cooking fever hack gems will be great for this.

Often the customers are in a hurry and there is something that needs quite some time to prepare. For a level like that keep your interiors upgraded this will increase the customer’s wait time as they will be busy gazing the beauty of your restaurant.

This will obviously provide you with more time to prepare the order on time. Also, you can score more money using cupcakes, pies etc. These are though limited and requires diamonds to refill but are great score boosters

Another Cooking fever cheat is to use proper organization in the game. Suppose you have multiple customers waiting with different orders. If multiple orders are requested by a customer, you serve one of his order which gives you time as their waiting bar just went up. Make sure to serve the customer with only a single order first else you may lose up on the tip provided. Time management is the key to it and if that’s too stressful I have more tips for you.

Is there a Risk in using this Hack?

Many people have a concern in using such a tool that are there any risks to it. Well, it’s a genuine concern but you don’t have to worry about anything at all. As our cooking fever hack tool comes with enabling the proxy feature and an in-built anti-ban feature. This doesn’t let the game know what you’re doing. As already said the hack tool makes changes in the server-side using a back-door. This helps in keeping you anonymous and getting free gems and coins whenever you want.

Some more tricks for Cooking fever Hack

The casino may not look good use of coins but there is a trick. The casino only gives out gems every 12 hours. So to be on the safe side only use the casino every 24 hours. This ensures more gems from the casino with fewer coins spent. Still, you’ll need around 20,000 coins to get 30 gems from the casino. That won’t be much when you get later in the game stage.

If you open the game daily, then you will get gems for every 7th login. But if you miss even a single day the counter starts again from day one.

Some people may advise you to change the date and time of your device. But with the recent updates, the game has had that wouldn’t be a very good idea. The game will detect this and will altogether stop all the free gems you get at login or for that matter any rewards. You certainly wouldn’t want that. So just don’t even try going that route.

Now let’s be real you can’t expect to go much further in the game unless you’re willing to spend some real cash on it. In my opinion, we should not be obligated to pay for a game. Also, some of us don’t have the kind of cash to spend on these games. Anything from buying the best upgrades to new restaurants needs you to spend gems and gold. You may even collect the necessary amount of gold for once but the gems? No, because they are super rare.

So, it doesn’t make any sense to always buy stuff with money. Instead, just use this Verified generator that I made to generate gems and coins. Just hit the button below to start the generator. It’s super easy to use.

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